The XGERMINATOR takes sanitization to the next level by exposing grocery items to a non-

toxic, germicidal UV-C light. We partnered with Prescientx—a company that manufactures

disinfecting technology for hospitals and laboratories—to develop a machine designed to

emit a high-power dosage of UV-C, delivering 99.9% surface sanitization in less than 30

seconds! The XGERMINATOR inactivates viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms on grocery

items at checkout thereby lowering the risk of illness spreading within households and

communities. Plus, it enables customers to exit with the surfaces of their groceries already

99.9% sanitized, sparing them the hassle of their at-home, grocery wipe-down routine.


How it WORKS 



When you choose an XGERMINATOR aisle at checkout, your groceries will be scanned by a

cashier and then placed on an enclosed conveyor belt. From there, your items will pass

through a UV-C tunnel to be processed by our built-in, germicidal light.








Take your groceries home along with the reassurance that your items have been

processed by a UV-C machine designed to  inactivate viruses, bacteria and pathogens!