What is UV-C light?

UV-C (as opposed to the sunburn-causing UV-A or UV-B) is a type of ultraviolet light with a

shorter wavelength that damages the molecular structure of bacteria, viruses, and other

pathogens. When it breaks a germ’s genetic code, it prevents that germ from reproducing!

At XGERMINATOR, we have worked closely with engineers to build a machine that achieves

99.9% sanitization of the surfaces of any hard, non-porous grocery item passed through it

Our grocery partners run daily  tests with  UV-C test strips to ensure that every XGERMINATOR

functions at maximum efficacy, continuously and reliably.



How does UV-C light sanitize surfaces? 

UV-C dosage is set to target a broad range of bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. The

XGERMINATOR is designed to emit UV-C light at a high-power dosage of 75j/cm2 to deliver

99.9% surface sanitization.



Can the XGERMINATOR inactivate the novel Coronavirus? 

Yes! The XGERMINATOR emits a wavelength of UV-C light at a dosage that inactivates SARS-CoV-2 on a

cellular level. When our machine’s light penetrates a cell of the virus, it damages that cell’s

genetic material and prevents it from reproducing.


COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2. The XGERMINATOR inactivates similar coronaviruses

and it is expected to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 when used in accordance with the directions

for use against SARS or MERS on hard, non-porous surfaces.



How do I checkout with XGERMINATOR? 

When you choose an XGERMINATOR aisle at checkout, your groceries will be scanned by a

cashier and then placed on an enclosed conveyor belt. From there, they’ll pass through a

UV-C tunnel to be processed by our built-in, germicidal light.



What happens next? 

Once your groceries are exposed to UV-C, there are two options, which vary by store:

1. You may either bag your own items wearing gloves that we provide or sanitize

your hands using a provided liquid hand sanitizer. Choose what works for you!


2. A trained employee wearing fresh gloves and an N95 mask will pack your items

for you. 




How long does the XGERMINATOR process take? 

Less than 30 seconds!



Is UV-C light a new technology for sanitization? 

No. UV-C light has sanitized surfaces for over a hundred years! Today, UV-C light is a tool

commonly used to disinfect equipment at hospitals and research laboratories as well as

water sources. 




Is the XGERMINATOR 100% effective at sanitization?

With a high-power dosage of UV-C light, the XGERMINATOR is designed to achieve a dose of 75j/cm2 which results in 99.9%

surface sanitization.




Is UV-C light as effective as a liquid, alcohol-based sanitizer or bleach?

UV-C light is a proven, targeted approach to sanitization supported by Quantitative

Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) researchers. In many ways, it’s much safer for grocery

items than liquid, alcohol-based sanitizers or bleach because UV-C light is chemical free,

residue free, and therefore food safe.

Also, UV-C light offers automatic, mechanized, no-touch sanitization as opposed to the

manual application of chemical sanitizers. UV-C radiation is designed to sanitize the

surfaces of items with limited chance for human error.




How do germs spread in a grocery store?

In shared public spaces like retail environments, there are several ways for germs to

spread. Shoppers walk through aisles touching items before purchase as well as talking

and, sometimes, coughing or sneezing. What we know about SARS-CoV-2, specifically, is

that respiratory droplets are a major source of transmission. Although most of us now wear

a protective mask and gloves, and our grocery stores take every safety precaution (by

cleaning frequently and limiting the number of shoppers allowed in store), these strategies

are not foolproof. The XGERMINATOR is designed to offer 99.9% sanitization—and peace

of mind—when your grocery items pass through its non-toxic, germicidal light.




Is it safe for me to stand close to the machine at checkout?

UV-C light is safe so long as you are not in direct contact with it. Our UV-C lamps are fully

contained within the XGERMINATOR’s protective walls. This ensures no leakage or

breakage of lamps and no harmful light exposure if you’re near the machine.




Can UV-C light contaminate my food items?

(Does food exposed to UV-C light become toxic?)

No. UV-C light is non-toxic and therefore food safe. In fact, recent studies show that by

killing foodborne pathogens, UV-C light can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables,

delaying their spoilage.




Can I use UV-C light on my skin and body?

No. You cannot safely use UV-C light on your skin and body.




How will I know if my grocery items are effectively sanitized?

Bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms are invisible to the naked eye. Through daily

machine testing, our grocery partners ensure that every XGERMINATOR machine works at

maximum efficacy, emitting 75j/cm2 of UV-C. With its high-power dosage of UV-C light, the

XGERMINATOR is designed to achieve 99.9% surface sanitization. 




What grocery items will the XGERMINATOR sanitize?

The XGERMINATOR is designed to sanitize the outer surface area of any hard, non-porous

grocery item that passes through it. High intensity UV-C light is safe for food products, but

lethal for germs!




Will the XGERMINATOR sanitize foods inside of bags or boxes?

No. UV-C light cannot penetrate solid materials like plastic, paper, glass, or metal. With that

in mind, if you’d like to sanitize the surfaces of your fresh produce, place those items on the

conveyor belt without bags. Less plastic is better for the environment anyway!





Do XGERMINATOR light bulbs contain mercury?

Yes. The small amount of mercury in our UV-C bulbs is contained in a chamber and

handled safely by our trained employees. The machine is not hazardous to shoppers or

food items.





Can I use the XGERMINATOR to sanitize personal items?

No. The XGERMINATOR is located in grocery stores at checkout and can only be used to

sanitize grocery items.





Do I still need to wipe down my items at home?

As long as there is no contamination between the grocery store and your home, you don’t

need to further sanitize your XGERMINATOR-processed items. If a grocery item falls out of

your bag during transit, that item is considered “contaminated”. We suggest you wipe

down that item using a sanitization wipe before bringing it inside your home. Also, keep in

mind the outside of your grocery bags run the risk of contamination and we recommend

wiping them down before bringing them into your home, or unpacking your groceries outside. Finally, we recommend washing

any soft, porous grocery items like reusable dish towels or products made of fabric in a

washing machine prior to use. 




How often are the XGERMINATOR’s UV-C bulbs changed?

Our UV-C bulbs can last up to two years, but we test them daily to ensure maximum

efficacy. With closely monitored light intensity and duration of light exposure inside the

machine, the XGERMINATOR is designed to achieve 99.9% reduction of surface pathogens.




What happens to the areas of objects that aren’t exposed to direct UV-C light?

All outer surfaces of items inside the XGERMINATOR are exposed to germicidal, UV-C light.

The aluminum tunnel and inner walls of the machine are reflective and so unless there’s

shadowing from overlapping or folding, the surfaces of grocery items will be processed

with 75j/cm2 of UV-C. 



Will UV-C light change how my food smells or tastes?

No. Exposure to UV-C light will have no impact on food smells or tastes.



Will exposure to UV-C light affect the nutritional value of food?

No. UV-C light is not proven to have any effect on food’s nutritional value.



What is the effect of UV-C light on liquid items like beverages, soups, or sauces?

UV-C light does not penetrate materials like plastic, cardboard, glass, or metal and so it will

not affect contained liquids.



What happens if my hand is exposed to UV-C light?

The XGERMINATOR is an enclosed and self-protected machine. Your hand will not be

exposed to UV-C because there is no UV-C light leakage.



Do items need to pass through the XGERMINATOR more than once?

No. The XGERMINATOR is designed to achieve 99.9% surface sanitization of any grocery

item with one pass. 



What are some viruses or bacteria that the XGERMINATOR inactivates?

The XGERMINATOR achieves a high-power dosage of 75j/cm2 UV-C. This UV-C dosage

inactivates several pathogens including Norovirus, MERS, and E Coli. Please refer to The Official Publication of the International Ultraviolet Association linked out below

 to learn more about the effects of UV-C on other viruses, bacteria, and

microorganisms. https://iuvanews.com/stories/pdf/fall16.pdf



How do you test the efficacy of the XGERMINATOR?

Using special, light-activated test strips, our grocery partners test every XGERMINATOR

daily. The intensity of the UV-C light and the duration of light exposure inside the machine

are monitored to achieve the designed dosage of 75j/cm2 UV-C.  This is beyond the dosage required to  inactivate viruses, bacteria and pathogens.



Do certain surfaces respond better to UV-C sanitization?

The XGERMINATOR is designed to deliver a sanitizing dosage of UV-C to hard, non-porous

materials. That said, we recommend washing any soft, porous items— like those made of

fabric— at home before use.



Where is the XGERMINATOR built?

The XGERMINATOR is built in Ontario, Canada.